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Welcome to Geotourism Club! Emerging from Geotourism Indonesia, our passion for technology and our community has inspired us to build an organization that will mutually benefit the students and the community. 

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What We Do

Geotourism Club is a unique organization that extends its hands to help startups and small business so they can achieve success in their industry.

Powered by students for the students

We dedicate ourselves to help students expand their horizons by providing unique skills and experiences to better prepare them for their future. In Geotourism Club, students deal with real-world projects because we believe that the best way to learn is to build.


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Meet some of our awesome team!

I. Aini

T. Fachrina

I. Imratuastri

F. Maulidiyani

J. Anggania

D. Wulandri


Not only they help me build the app but they coaching me how to rebuild it again from scratch. It's been great working with them.

Wish I met Geotourism Club 8 months ago when my project first started. Geotourism Club is the missing piece for my projects.

Clients & Partners

Amazing client & partner relationship
With the help of the industry leading icons, we have built strong chains with people that trust in our capability and have high expectations of Geotourism Club.

Our Services

IT Support When YOU Need It!
Most problems can be resolved with our remote services! 

Delivering high quality product is our priority

We ensure that the work produced by our members meet the client’s expectations. Members learn to meet real world expectations by completing projects that are acquired from startups and small business at a low cost.


Web Development

We help you create your dream website! Tell us the content and your style! To create a website that looks the way you like.


App Development

For you or for public, we build your dream App! Tell us more about the content and your style! To create the app that looks the way you like.



Not only we help you to build your very own website or app, but we offer you training on how to build it! Involve your people on the project!


Here are some of the data projects we are working on

We maintain several apps, and those apps need data. On this page we share some of the data projects we are working on. Show your support for girls who code by creating another projects! Every project helps more girls learn how technology can improve our community and our career with technology skills.


Protecting the wealth of biodiversity in Indonesia starts with awareness! Geotourism Club works on Wikipedia to make sure that all the species of Indonesia are accessible to everyone. Wikipedia makes it easy for our technology program team to collaborate with scientists and field experts from around the world to publish accurate scientific information about the animals, plants, fish and birds of Indonesia.

Tourism Villages network is what we call our project to connect the villages of Indonesia into a mutual support network. We help each village develop their local tourism activities that are focused on nature and culture with free access to training and much, much more. This is an exciting program that is often the first chance for girls living in rural villages to grow their technology skills.


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We are passionate about what we do, our members are ready to take any challenge. After all, growth comes with team work.


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